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Recycling Empty Toners

Carlisle Enterprises is proud to offer a free toner cartridge recycling program for our customers.  As you know, one of the important reasons to use our excellent quality remanufactured toner cartridges is to promote your offices’ recycling or green initiative. Empty Toners, etc.

But what do you do with your empty toner and inkjet cartridges that are piled up around your office?  Just give Carlisle Enterprises a call to have our special “Recycle Toner Here” boxes shipped directly to you.  They come with pre-affixed UPS labels attached to them.  So, Fill it up, Tape it up, and Give it to your UPS Driver!   Sign me up!


Carlisle Enterprises’ recycling program is managed by our recycling partner, an industry leader in the recycling program. They are ISO14001:2004 certified, maintain a documented Zero Landfill Initiative and have a strong commitment to the environment.


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ISO14001:2004 certified